more & less

8 things to spend more time doing…

1. Listening.
2. Having non-quickie sex.
3. Giving sincere compliments–to your mom, your friend, that random woman on the street with great shoes.
4. Thinking before you open your mouth.
5. Exploring all the places that AREN’T in the guidebook.
6. Being naked–and not just while you’re waiting for your lotion to soak in.
7. Strategizing your next win.
8. Having friends over for dinner: Who cares if it’s just take-out?

…and 8 to spend less time doing

1. Checking out who’s getting fired, voted off, Botoxed, or dumped on reality TV this week.
2. Staring at your pores, split ends, or navel.
3. Measuring your thighs.
4. Making excuses.
5. Hanging out with ex-boyfriends.
6. Feeling guilty about what you said in 1997.
7. Trying to change him (or waiting around for him to change).
8. Living by anybody else’s rules but your own.

-from Glamour, March 2005


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