today i will be happy

You can behold gentleness and peace and innocence in the world provided you understand that they come from you. A way must be found to release the heart of its beauty. When your gaze is on the present and your eyes laugh, you shine on the world you see and the light of your heart goes before you. This is possible because you are something more than a body, and this something more must become interesting in your eyes, more interesting than the list of worries that scatters your thoughts into a thousand contending purposes.

Be single-minded, be purposeful, be focused. Know who you are and what you want. Be conscious, be aware. Formulate your purpose into words, etch it on your heart, repeat it in your mind, and above all, live it and see it. The truth is true. Happiness is better than misery. Therefore concentrate on happiness. Merely decide “Today I will be happy,” and it will be so. There is nothing more to happiness than this.

-Hugh Prather


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