consolation & desolation

Helen: Do you want to hear what a priest said?

Will: Was it a handsome priest?

Helen: Not as handsome as you.

Will: Go on…

Helen: He said that we go through times of consolation and desolation. Consolation is when things are flowing, and everything makes sense, and you feel connected, and you’re aware that God is present, and has plans for you. Maybe even likes you a little bit. You remember that?

Will: Sometimes.

Helen: Desolation is the other thing. When you are scared and confused and alone and out of step and your cell phone doesn’t work, and your daughter gets sick, and the cops come to the door and say there’s been an accident. God retreats, and you’re left with your own thoughts, and those thoughts are dark. There are answers there, he told me — and strength.

Will: How long does desolation last?

Helen: As long as it needs to.

-from the final episode of Joan of Arcadia season one


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