Monthly Archives: August 2006

each to each

Peaches — Six in a tin bowl, Sarajevo

If peaches had arms
surely they would hold one another
in their peach sleep

And if peaches had feet
it is sure they would
nudge one another
with their soft peachy feet

And if peaches could
they would sleep
with their dimpled head
on the other’s
each to each

Like you and me

And sleep and sleep

-Sandra Cisneros, from My Wicked Wicked Ways


inner life

If you want to know what you are here to do, look around you, at the life you already have. It will tell you what to do next if you follow the deepest thing you feel inside. You may realize that, ultimately, your own true vocation has no outer form; that your dedication is to an inner life that is not concerned with the work you do. What matters, finally, is less what it looks like–the presence or absence of a string of achievements–than the pouring of your heart and soul into the longings and loves you have been given.

-Roger Housden, from Ten Poems To Set You Free