empty ourselves

And sometimes waiting can be a blessing. It might be a respite, a pause within which we allow healing to have its own rhythm, or things to take their time, or nature to follow its course. It can be a time when we relinquish our efforts to be in control and instead empty ourselves of demands and expectations and constraints.

In the best-case scenario, the landscape of waiting is a delicate one: an unbounded, translucent stretch of time before reality returns to ground and reshapes our sense of what will be possible for us. We can mentally perform any act of boldness, imagine a novel feeling of contentment, or envision a magical turn in our lives. Waiting is a world in between worlds, where anything might yet happen, where everything is still to be made manifest, and where, for a while, there are no limits.


Perhaps the lesson is that when we find ourselves waiting, whether through force of circumstance or lingering habit, we should listen deeply. When the delay is grueling…we need to do everything we can to minimize our own or someone else’s suffering, and not confuse waiting with being inert or defeated. Whatever the particulars, we should feel the ground beneath us and observe the space around us. And remember to breathe.

Sharon Salzberg


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