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Every moment of faithful discipleship which was unseen by others is seen by God. Every interior struggle against temptation about which the world will never know is known by God. Every good intention that the world misunderstood is thoroughly understood by God. Every good that was invisible to the world is visible to God. The Assumption means that our full and final reward is with God.

—from the Mary the Queen bulletin on Assumption Sunday, 15 August 2010


with a quiet heart

We have little control over the cards life deals us, other than accepting what happens with a quiet heart, or rejecting everything we don’t like and suffering more painful consequences. I’ve done both and recommend acceptance highly. When sorrowful mysteries are at work in our life, all we can do that’s helpful is wait and not try to shape the future before the time is ripe. That kind of soulful dumbness only hinders divine intervention. All we need to do is wait and remember: This too shall pass…. When we accept suffering as a mysterious part of what it means to be human, that’s when we’ll begin to see more clearly the exquisite pattern of our life.

—Sister Karol Jackowski, Ph.D., from this blog post on Whole Living